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Онлайн игры

Surely you at least once dreamed of sitting in a luxury car and, competing with the wind, zip along the track for racing. But who has not dreamed about it? This explains the huge interest in online car racing. Many people can not buy a racing car, but with the help of simulators, each user of the global network, despite its financial condition, can sit behind the wheel of a chic Lamborghini or steer a sports bike. Many games are standard, but there are unique simulators. If you are not well versed in cars, then try your hand at arcade mode. In it, you absolutely will not interfere with the lack of driving skills. If you are an experienced driver, then play the simulator. In their versions, you will need to take into account all the details of driving a racing car.
In the desire to properly drive the girls are not inferior to the boys, it is for this reason that there are excellent racing games designed for girls. True connoisseurs who cannot imagine their life without the sound of a working engine will surely like simulation games that nobody will be indifferent about. Drive online with your friends, compete with them: let the engines buzz, asphalt melts under your wheels, leave your competitors somewhere behind, let them breathe in the exhaust from your car.
You probably think that in racing games you can ride on some cars? You're wrong. In modern flash games you will be able to steer by almost all means of transport: from a simple bike to an underwater submarine.
Also on our site there are educational flash games. Look for exits from the rooms, go through quests to find things and much more! The game will swallow you with your head =) Feel like a new Sherlock Holmes.
On our website of online browser games you will find thousands of flash games for every taste: arcades, quests, races, simulators, and many others! It’s boring to sit in an office? Then you are definitely welcome to us!
To get the pleasure from our online games you do not have to play them for several hours - quite a 5-10 minute break, which you make while working. Most of all still deserve our new flash games
Games do not require installation on a computer and a modern computer / laptop! Play directly in your browser.
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